The most important ingredient for parallax scrolls in Readz is box elements and the element you want to have the parallax feature, such as a textbox element or an image element. Boxes act as containers in which our parallax scrolling elements are contained. To contain an element inside a box element, simply drag-and-drop the element into the box element. There’s a few ways to confirm that the element is indeed contained inside the box element.
1. Select the box element. Move it up and down, left or right using the keyboard arrow keys. If the elements inside of the box move with the box, it is successfully contained. 2. Select the box or any element you believe is inside of that box, and check the index menu from the page menu. If the element in question is indented compared to the box element, then this means it is contained within that box. If you see no indentation, then this means that element is on the same level as the box and is not being contained.
Parallax Scrolling
This feature is only available in the desktop view
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web element- close
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