Here’s how to add hover effects:

First, select the element on which you want to add a hover effect. This can be a media element (images), a text element, or any box element really.
The image below shows how you do that. 'Hover' is selected, and then you simply define how you want the 'hover' state to look like.
On the top of the styling panels, you will see a clickable box that says 'Hover'.

It is grayed out usually, and the box labelled 'Default' will be white, showing it is active.

When you click the 'Hover' box, it will become white, and the options in the styling panel are still open.

Any change you make to the styling when the 'Hover' box is active/white, will have effect on that element when readers hover over it.

For example, the box below will change to a purple color when you hover over it.
The element you are editing will reflect the changes you are making. To see how the element looks like in 'default' state, you can click the 'default' button again.
Design Tip: You can make hover effects part of your styles. This way, you can easily create cool text and other styles to re-use across your publication.
Hover Effects
In Readz, you can easily add HOVER effects on your content.
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