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Readz is an incredibly rich content creation platform.
Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything the Readz platform offers you.
Scroll down to discover the Readz platform features, or select your area of interest:
layout brand publishing
Publication Management
Import from InDesign
Leverage the investment you made in your print design and import content straight from InDesign into Readz interactive and responsive publications.
Built-for-business Templates
Want to start from scratch? No problems! If desired, you can also start with professional designs for reports, content hubs and more.
Copy/Duplicate Publications
Want to start from a previous content piece? You got it! Creating duplicates is done in a couple of seconds.
Copy/Paste Pages
Is there a page you'd like to re-use? Just copy it over to any publication with a single click.
'Draft' pages
For when you're still working on that one page, and everything else is good to go.
'Lock' pages
When you want to make absolutely sure that pages don't get changed, just lock them (and unlock again to change them).
Restricted Access
Do you want to publish content only members, or employees? Readz allows you to define access how you want it.
Lean more.
Get paid for your content! We offer a soft paywall functionality, ask for one-off or recurring payments.
Embed On Your Site
You can embed Readz content on your site and make it look like it is part of your existing environment.
Style Editor
With hundreds of customizable settings, you can design and create online content the way you see fit. You can make your content unique with just a few clicks.
Ultimate Control
Through the Readz editor, you can control and change ever
y single element of your pages. We mean that - EVERY element. Call us control enthusiasts.
WYSIWYG Like Never Before
The Readz editor shows you your content as close as possible to the way it will be displayed. And that even includes actions and animations which you might have on your pages.
Add, (re-)position and resize elements on the canvas by simple drag-and-drop.
Automatically Responsive Designs
Readz automatically creates a desktop and mobile version of your content. As you design your page, you can sync the layout and content or even make your content and layout different for one of these devices. All without coding!
Device Touch & Swipe Support
On mobile devices your content will automatically support mobile features such as swiping to a next page.
Check how your content looks before you make it live. You can share the preview with others and even password-protect it.
Want to re-use elements or even groups of elements? Simply copy & paste (yes, while remaining in the browser).
Made a mistake, or you simply don't like that last change? Just hit Ctrl-Z to undo your last actions.
Layout Toolbar
With the click of a button, you can perfectly align your layouts. Create spacings between elements, align elements, move front or back. Easy!
"Smart" Guides
Create perfectly aligned layouts with our guides that dynamically appear to show you alignments between elements.
All elements are shown in an index, like in many design applications. Readz automatically labels elements, but you can always rename them if you’d like.
Create actions such as external linking, social sharing, set/reset styles, open pop-ups… in the editor.
Easily add a wide series of effects such as fade in/out, collapse/expand or slide in/down/out/up in a couple of clicks. If you really want to get funky, use our advanced animations editor to create even more unique effects.
Parallax & Scrolling
Create stunning parallax pages with Readz.
Video Background
You can easily create this visually rich effect in a couple of seconds.
Text Wrapping
Drop an image in a text box and the text will automatically wrap around the text in that box.
Automatic Image Scaling
Images are automatically scaled to fit in the block where you want to drop them, so they always look right. To change the dimensions, simply drag to extend or use the rulers.
Google Fonts
Readz allows you to use Google Fonts for free. Add any Google font you want straight from the editor.
Typekit Fonts
You can use Typekit fonts on your pages, by simply referring to the kit you want uploaded from within the editor.
Upload your own favicon
You can save often re-used font formats in styles. Or how about that border around an image? Yes, that can be a style too! You will save a ton of time by creating your own library of often used styling for fonts and other elements.
Pre-designed Blocks
Readz offers pre-designed building blocks such as navigation, footers, image carousels etc which you can re-use and easily adapt. Or you can design and create your own modules.
Add To All Pages
Place elements such as headers and footers or navigation (or any other element!) on multiple pages. You can define granularly on which pages to add these elements.
Text Elements
Use different styles (titles, body, quotes,...) of text and define/add your own for efficient creation.
Media Elements
Make your content visually rich by adding visual elements such as images, slideshows, videos, slideshares...
Layout Structure Elements
Structure your layouts with boxes and horizontal/vertical dividers.
Form Elements
Create responsive forms within the Readz editor - no need to add external platforms.
Search Elements
Add search functionality to your content, and completely style how you want it to look.
Social Media Elements
Easily add sharing elements to your content: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and email sharing buttons with 1 click.
'Dots' Elements
Show scrolling progress on your page or a slide show by adding a bar of dots that reflect positions.
iFrame Elements
Want to bring in external applications? You can easily embed an iFrame in Readz content.
'Counter' Elements
Easily add count-down elements to your content.
Media Management
CDN Housing
All images on Readz are hosted on a hyper-performant content delivery network with global distribution to ensure fast loading times.
Image Bank
You can easily manage your images from a central location, where you can even see which images are in use and which ones are unused.
Responsive Images
When you publish content, Readz will generate several scaled versions of your images. Depending on which device and which resolution your reader is using, Readz will select the appropriate scaled version.
Easily show off your images as a full-browser-sized lightbox.
Image SEO Settings
All the tags and even filenames of your images can be optimized from within the image bank, or per page from within the SEO dashboard.
Analytics & Reporting
Analytics Dashboard
Readz offers you an overview of traffic and conversion analytics from within the Readz application.
Traffic Data
Readz gathers data on traffic KPIs such as views, sessions, duration, etc.
Conversion Data
Are you results-driven? Readz offers you automatically a view on how conversions happen on your content.
Acquisition Data
Readz tracks how visitors got to your page and shows you the sources, referrers, location and devices.
Google Analytics
No need to insert snippets of code in headers. Just type in your Google Analytics UA reference and you will be able to use Google Analytics to gather data on all Readz content.
Search Engine Optimization
Custom Domain
You can create and publish any content on Readz on a custom domain of your choice, such as your main domain.
Optimized for Indexing and Organic Search
Readz offers search engines clean HTML/CSS code, easy to index, optimized according to the advised guidelines whenever possible.
No External Plugins Needed
Readz offers out-of-the-box powerful tools to help you manage the ‘technical SEO’ aspects of your content. No need to search for external plugins.
SEO Dashboard
Readz gives you easy access to all the technical SEO components of your content, such as title, tags etc so you can easily and efficiently optimize your content.
Fast Loading Speed
An essential element for first-page rankings is a hyper-fast loading speed. At Readz we are continuously updating our infrastructure to adhere to Google’s new updates.
Automatic Sitemaps
Readz automatically generates an optimized sitemap.xml file, containing every indexable URL of your Readz content to help Google and other search engines easily navigate your content.
Readz automatically generates a correct robots.txt file, refers to your sitemap and makes it available to Google and other search engines.
URL Definition
You want clean URLs? Easy! All URLS are automatically generated in a clean, easily indexable format, but you can easily set every URL manually as well.
Page Titles and Meta-Descriptions
In the SEO-dashboard, we will show you how your content will look in Google’s search results and you can also change and update settings such as page titles and meta-descriptions.
HTTPS Support
Readz supports SSL over HTTPS. Google favors sites that run on https://
Image Tagging
In the SEO dashboard, you can define the filename, ALT tags and TITLE tags of your images to give search engines more information and boost your rankings.
301 Redirect Management
We give you the option to set-up your own 301 redirects in Google so you can migrate content between URLs. The technical aspects are automatically managed by Readz.
Google Search Console Integration
Readz integrates with Google’s Search Console and lets you drill down even deeper into organic search for your Readz content.
No Indexing Option
We offer you the option in Readz to select ‘no search indexing’ which will request search engine robots not to index your content.
Customizable H1 to H6 Header Tags
Choose which headers and subheaders you want search engines to recognize - with the click of a button. Easily modify your tags at any time.
Forms & User Data Collection
Form Elements
Create responsive forms within the Readz editor - no need to add external platforms.
Email Notifications
Get email updates when forms are filled out.
All Readz form information is managed in a central dashboard from where you can easily view and export (csv) all data.
Build mailing lists, and add contact information straight to Mailchimp.
Timed Pop-up
A powerful tactic to target more engaged visitors, timed pop-ups allow you to display call-to-actions after visitors spend a certain amount of time on a page.
Exit Intent
Exit intent pop-ups allow you to target abandoning visitors with very targeted call-to-actions.
Scroll Box
Scroll boxes are pop-ups that appear as soon as users scroll down a certain percent of your page. It is a more subtle way to highlight your call-to-action to more engaged users.
Social Sharing
Social Networks
Readz offers direct sharing to multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Slideshare.
Allow your visitors to share your content through email.
Image Downloads
Readz allows you to offer image downloads to your readers. Ideal for reporting on events, social gatherings and so on!
Publishing & Hosting
HTTPS Support
Readz supports SSL over HTTPS. Especially necessary if you are in eCommerce or looking to get superior SEO results.
We Take Our Own Medicine
All Readz content, i.e. our website, our blog, our guides and documentation are all made with Readz. We rely on and become successful through the power of our platform.
Content Delivery Network - CDN
To distribute your content, we use a global network of over 175,000 servers with wide geographic distribution, already serving millions of pages daily.
100% uptime SLA on content servers 99.95% availability SLA on Readz editor servers
Single Sign-On & 2-Factor Authentication
As an enterprise customer, you can use SAML to integrate your Readz account with your identity provider.
Access & Authentication
To restrict access to your content, we offer different levels of access restriction: open access, SAML, email authentication or domain authentication.
Data Hosting
The Readz data and services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our data centers have in-depth security protocols, with multi-availability zones.
Content Access
As a customer, you retain complete control and ownership over your data. We give customers control over their content and data by design, through simple tools.
DDoS Mitigation
A combination of AWS and Readz logic is used to implement defense strategy against DDoS attacks, including autoscaling, Amazon Cloudfront and enterprise CDN security solutions.
The Readz architecture includes elastic load balancing for close-to-infinite demand.
Data Encryption
All sensitive data objects are encrypted using Amazon S3's multi-factor server-side encryption (SSE).
Privacy & Data Protection
We care about customer privacy and we do not disclose customer information unless we're required to do so to comply with a legally valid and binding order.
Corporate Network
We operate a zero-trust corporate network. We have strong password policies for support agent access and third party services.
Penetration Testing
Readz performs periodically scheduled penetration testing.
We maintain 30 days of back-ups, allowing for point-in-time recovery.
Additional Measures
Additionally, we have protocols in place for employee security training, employee vetting and confidentiality agreements.
Social Networks
Readz offers direct sharing to multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.
Easily allow comments on your content by adding the Disqus commenting system.
Youtube & Vimeo
Add streamed videos as background or in-page.
Build mailing lists, and add contact information straight to Mailchimp.
Readz integrates natively with Infusionsoft’s marketing automation platform. Build mobile-friendly content experiences and make them part of your Infusionsoft automation.
Create superior content experiences and use them with Marketo. Readz integrates with Marketo’s marketing automation platform.
Looking to create content easily without coding, and use Shopify as eCommerce platform? Readz has a seamless shopping cart integration with Shopify to realize just that!
If you're looking to get paid for content, on a recurring basis, or simply accept payments, our integration with the Stripe payment platform is what you need.
Google Search Console
Readz integrates with Google’s Search Console and lets you drill down even deeper into organic search for your Readz content.
Google Analytics
No need to insert snippets of code in headers. Just type in your Google Analytics UA reference and you will be able to use Google Analytics to gather data on all Readz content.
Google Tag Manager
Want to use Google’s powerful tag manager to control all the tags on your pages? No problem!
Leverage the investment you made in your print design and import content straight from InDesign into Readz interactive and responsive publications.
Your Business
Content Ownership
Ownership, and responsibility of content you create and host on Readz remains yours.
Transparent Pricing
No hidden costs, no surprises.
Privacy Protection
Our privacy policy is published on our website. We will not sell your data.
Unlimited Content
Create as many pages and content as you like.
Unlimited Contributors
Invite your team and anybody needed on the platform.
Unlimited Layouts
No restrictions on creativity. Build it how you like it.
No Installation
Readz is a SaaS platform and does not need any installation. You and your team can get started immediately.
Work as a Team
You can easily add team members to projects you are working on. Indicators show who is working on which pages.
Activity Log
We will also give you a clean overview of who did what on your Readz content.
Readz provides you with an in-app messaging platform that allows you to message your team members and make annotations on your content.
"Using Readz" Guide
We offer an extensive guide on how to use Readz and best practices in design and content creation. Please visit
Live In-app Chat Support
You can reach our support from within the Readz platform itself and immediately link to and reference specific pages and even elements. Available during business hours.
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