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Anchor Links

In Readz, you have a standard functionality to scroll (or link) to content that is further down on the page. To do this, you would use that standard 'Add Link' functionality. You can read more about 'Add Link'

But sometimes you want to link to specific sections or parts of your page from another page. You can achieve this by adding anchor links. This article will show you how to do this.
Getting ready
To create anchor links, we will have to add a small piece of code to our content elements. In Readz, you can add code to elements, but by default this option is turned off.

Our first action will be to turn on the option to add code. Here is how to do this:
  1. Go to the Dashboard
  2. Click the circle with your initials
  3. Click Account Info, 
  4. Click Personal Info and check "Give access to textbox and box elements' source in the editor UI".
  5. Go back to the project
Add an anchor
1. Select the element you want to link to and click the Element Source in the left toolbar.

2. Paste this code in the Source: <a name="anchor-name"></a>

3. Select the URL of the page you are currently on

Note: You can change the name of the anchor to anything you want, and also you can use words with hyphens
Add an anchor link
The last step is to add the link on the page where you want to link from.

1. Select the element you want to be linked
2. Open the 'Add Link' panel
3. Select 'URL Link'
4. Paste the URL from the source page (see step 3 above) and add '#', followed by the name you have given to the anchor element in the step above. In this case it was #anchor-name
That's it! You created an anchor and linked to it from a different page.
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