Shopify Integration
Add the ability to purchase on your Readz page with the web’s biggest e-commerce platform.
Part 1 The integration with Shopify is through Readz actions. In order to integrate your Readz URL with Shopify, you must first have a Shopify account and you should set up your store on Shopify. Once your store is established on Shopify, you’ll need to put some information from Shopify into Readz. The information Readz needs from your Shopify account is the Shopify domain, the Shopify API Key, and the Shopify App ID. This information will need to go into the Preferences of you Readz URL. First let’s get the necessary Shopify information. 1. Login to Shopify 2. On the left hand side pane, click on the "Apps" button 3. On the top right corner, click the "Visit Shopify App Store" 4. In the search bar, search buy button and install it 5. Exit the store 6. On the left hand side pane, click the "Buy Button" button 7. Under the JavaScript Buy SDK section click on the "Create extension" button 8. Here you will find the relevant information and have the ability to create more extensions
Thank you & welcome!