MailChimp is a marketing tool that you can integrate with Readz. The integration with Readz forms makes it easy to get your form entries automatically onto your MailChimp lists.
How to integrate your Readz forms with MailChimp
  • Create a list in MailChimp
  • Create your form in MailChimp. MailChimp requires that you have an email field.
  • Copy your MailChimp API Key. You can find the key from within MailChimp. Make sure you're logged in to MailChimp. From your username (top-right as of Q2 2016) click on the drop-down menu, go to Account, go to Extras, and under API keys, copy the correct API key.
  • In the Readz Editor, either go to Preferences or straight to your completed form in the editor's page-builder. In Preferences you can paste the key and save. On your form, select the form element and add a new On Submit action called Send to MailChimp1. When you go to manage the MailChimp settings, you'll be prompted to input the API key if you didn't do so in Preferences. Once you attach your API key, you will not be prompted to do this again.
  • Match up your Readz form fields to the form fields created in MailChimp form the drop-down then save.2
We recommend testing out if the MailChimp integration was successful by using your preview URL and doing an entry into the form on your Readz page. Give MailChimp 10 minutes to gather the entry data before checking on MailChimp’s end.
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