Readz integrates with Google Tag Manager so that you can set up tags to better track your Readz site! With Google Tag Manager, you can easily manage all of your tags in one place and create tags that send data to tools like Google Analytics, Adroll, Facebook and more. We made this integration super easy for you, all you have to do is grab the Tag Manager ID from your snippet of code and add it in your preferences.
You don’t need to add it to every page in your Readz project, just add it once in your preferences. To integrate your Google Tag Manager account with Readz:
1. In your dashboard, click “Preferences” for the URL you want to add your Tag Manager account to. 2. Under the “URL and Analytics” section, you’ll see the line for Google Tag Manager. Paste in your ID there. 3. Click “Save” and you’re good to go!
In Google Tag Manager, you are given a snippet of Javascript code for your container. When adding it to Readz, you don’t need the whole code, just the id number found in the first line. The image below highlights where the ID is located.
Google Tag Manager Integration