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Easily optimize your Readz site for search engines with our on page SEO settings tool.
What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is critical for growth and business results. There’s no question about it. If you’re seeking a new service or product, what’s one of the first things you do to get it? Google it! And typically, you will only look at the first page of your Google Search Results, if not just the first result on the page.
What is on page SEO?
On page SEO means to optimize each individual page under your web domain for search engines. This can be done by researching and targeting a specific keyword for each page, as well as tagging the images used on the page with keywords. This can be time consuming if the interface to do this is tedious or difficult. Thankfully, Readz provides an efficient and easy way to optimize your site for first page rankings in no time, with our on-page SEO settings dashboard.
** How important is on-page SEO to you make your business achieve first page rankings?
Just in case you’re wondering about the importance of on-page SEO in the total mix of ranking signals for search engines, this is a great
to read. Basically, on-page SEO is important, but not the whole picture - other factors like links to your page, trust, and content quality also weigh in.
Readz On Page SEO Settings
You can access the SEO settings right from your page list, at any time throughout your creation process. When you create a new project, SEO indexing is turned on by default (meaning that Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. will discover your page when you publish). If you’re publication is private, e.g. an internal newsletter, you can choose to turn this Search Engine indexing option off in your domain’s Settings page on the home dashboard. The rest of the article is meant for users who wish to continue with the SEO indexing option.
The SEO Settings are accessible from the top menu in the editor.
When you click on SEO Settings, there are two tabs in the window, “Search Engine Results” and “Page SEO Details”.
Search Engine Results
This view shows you almost exactly how your website/pages will appear on a Google Search. It gives you an overview of the titles, permalinks/URLs, and meta descriptions for each page in your project. Simply click on each field to customize how your pages look when they appear on a search engine (how search engines index your webpages).
The SEO title will automatically be the same as your page titles on your page list. You can easily change this, though we recommend keeping them consistent, as a best practice.
Page SEO Details
The other tab on the SEO settings dashboard is “Page SEO Details”. This offers a more in-depth view of the SEO settings, per each page of your publication. From this Page SEO Details view, you can again customize that page’s SEO title, page permalink, and meta description.
SEO Image Tagging
In addition to this, you can set the SEO image for that page - the image that will appear in image searches or when a reader shares via social media. We provide suggestions for image optimization where it says “Image Size and Layout Suggestions”. If you scroll down further, you’ll see individual image title and description options. Here, you can set the name and description for each image found on the page. Search engines will index these keywords.
With Readz’ on page SEO Settings, you can quickly and easily optimize your page for search engines, no complicated tagging or coding needed. With a bit of primary keyword research, you’ll have your page ranking on Google in no time!
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