Before starting, you must be logged into Facebook as an individual, aka a regular Facebook account. A company Facebook account is not permitted to register apps on Facebook as of Feb. 2017.

2. If it's your first time registering an app through Facebook, you'll need to register and confirm your Facebook profile by clicking the "Register" button in the header 3. From the header, click on the "My Apps" drop-down and add a New App. 4. Name your app, set contact email, choose a category, and press "Create App ID" 5. You'll arrive to the Product Setup dashboard. Click on the Settings option (left panel) 6. Set the app domain (aka "root domain") of your custom URL. This is the URL without the subdomain. For example, if your custom URL is "," then your App domain would just be "" 7. At the bottom of the page, click on "Add Platform" and choose "website" 8. In the Site URL field, input your custom URL with the subdomain. Save Changes 9. Go to App Review (in the left-panel menu) and flip the switch that says, "Make (app name) public?" at the top to "Yes."
10. Go to Dashboard (in the left-panel menu) and copy the Facebook App ID

11. In the Readz Editor, navigate to your Readz publication's dashboard. 12. Click on Preferences, and in the integration section, paste the Facebook App ID into the Facebook App ID input field.

Using the Facebook pixel with Google Tag Manager.

If you're using Google Tag Manager to manage tags for your site and want to install the Facebook pixel, follow these steps. Learn about the benefits of installing a Facebook pixel. More info about Readz and Google Tag Manager, click here.
Disclaimer: Facebook may change the process for setting the custom URL as an App, so if our steps don't reflect what you see on Facebook's site, contact for help. For more information about registering your app with Facebook, check out Facebook's step-by-step guide here.

Facebook Sharing
When you set up a custom URL on Readz, you'll need to configure Facebook sharing. This can be done by registering your URL as website app on Facebook. Below are the steps to setting up Facebook sharing for custom URLs.
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