More About Content Elements
To change only some text in the text box, highlight that text you wish to change. Those changes will only be applied to the text that is highlighted. You can drag and drop image/video/slideshow/slide-share elements into a text box to create a text-wrap effect.
Box A box element can be used as a container to hold several elements together. This very page you are reading is an example of this. Notice that both images and text are within this tall white rectangle. This white rectangle is a box element containing other various elements. Box elements can be used to create lines, squares, rectangles, and other shapes on a page. Box elements are also necessary when creating parallax scrolling on a web page. IFrame An IFrame element can be used to embed HTML documents inside other HTML documents on a website. The IFrame HTML element is often used to insert content from another source, such as an advertisement, into a web page. Although an IFrame behaves like an inline image, it can be configured with its own scrollbar, independent of the surrounding page's scrollbar.

From this menu, you can add any element. Simply click the + symbol, and you can then choose from the list of element types. To use an element, drag and drop it onto the canvas.
Types of elements: Text A text box element is for creating text. Choose the plain text box or one of the pre-styled options including headline, body text and quote. Drag and drop the textbox onto the canvas. Double click the textbox to type or paste in text. To edit the textbox, select it once. Notice how the page menu changes to show the text editing tools. The font properties menu is where you can edit the font, boldness, size, alignment, etc. Changing these font properties will apply to all text within the text box.
Readz supports YouTube and Vimeo videos for use in our video elements. Drag and drop the video element onto the page, double click it and a dialogue box will appear allowing you to paste your video url. Click “get video.” Alternatively, you can copy the video’s address from the browser and paste it directly onto your page and Readz will embed the video automatically. A reader can stream the video by clicking on it, as long as they remain connected to the internet. If a reader is looking at your publication in offline mode, the video will display its standard thumbnail image but will not play.
The slideshow element is a way to make a carousel of images. Double click a slideshow element to upload images to it. When you add an image, you can type in a caption to go along with it. Drag and drop the images to arrange the order in which they will appear. Slideshows support the same image file types as images. You can choose to turn arrows on or off for the slideshow. You can also choose to make the slideshow play automatically or manually. For auto play you can define the start-delay and interval between slides. 
A SlideShare element integrates projects done on for use on a Readz page.
Sharing Elements You can create social sharing buttons for your Readz publications. Drag and drop any of the elements under Sharing Elements and an image will be automatically generated for the social network you select.
Elements make up the core of your page. They include text boxes, images, forms, and boxes. You can access the Page Menu in the editor.
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Thank you & welcome!
Thank you & welcome!