Adding a Slideshow
How you can use slideshows on your page! (Not only for pictures!)

Let’s see how it works with Readz. Here we are on a sample page. Let’s add a background video. First I’ll go over to my Page Background menu. As we can see, right now I just have applied a background color. It’s a good practice to remove a background image or color before adding a video, so the page doesn’t try to load two backgrounds at once. So I’ll click restore and reset, and there’s no image set. And I can come to background video and click “Set Video.” Here you can see I already have a some videos chosen. I got this one from youtube, where there are a few Free domain ones you can use. If you’d like to use your own content, you may upload that to youtube as well. So I’ll start by copying the URL of my desired background video, go back to readz, put it into the Video ID, and click Apply.   Now you can see in the workstation, it doesn’t look like the video is working. We’ll have to see in preview to know that it actually worked. So I’ll click Save Changes, and I can go to Preview.  And there we are, a much more inviting and dynamic page for our user. Adding background videos with Readz is as easy as that.
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