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Slideshows, or sliders, are a well-used and loved part of many layouts. In Readz, we offer you two types of sliders: an image slider and a content slider.

This article will explain more about these two sliders and the options available to you with these sliders.
Image sliders vs content sliders
What is the difference between an image slider and a content slider?

The difference is in the name itself. An image slider will only handle images (and captions) while a content slider will allow you to add other content like text elements, on a slide. Here are two examples to illustrate the difference:
interior 5.webp
interior 3.webp
interior 1.webp
interior 4.webp
interior 2.webp
Above is an image slider. You can only add images and captions. It is a straightforward, easy option and in most cases, the best solution.
Above is a content slider. You can not only add images but also text boxes and more. Every slide is like a mini-canvas. You have more options, but it will require more work and styling.
Adding and deleting slides
To add or delete slides:
- select the slider
- access the slider properties panel on the left side of the panel
- select plus (+) to add slides, minus (-) to delete slides
Navigating your slider
In the top of the Slider Properties panel, you will find buttons to move to the previous or next slide. Alternatively, you can select specific slides from within the index in the right panel.
Slider options
Both types of sliders offer a wide choice of options:
  • autoplay
  • infinite loop
  • add captions (this one is image slider only)
  • add arrows
  • add dots for slide navigation
  • change slide animation, duration and easing settings
  • change the amount of slides per view
  • offer a peek of previous and next slides
We will go more in-depth on each of these options below.

To access the options, select a slider and click the gear icon on the left side panel.
With autoplay, your sliders will automatically switch between the slides. You can control the 'delay to start' - which is the time before the first slide will switch out, and the 'slide duration', which is the time each slide will stay on screen before switching out.
Infinite loop
With the infinite loop setting, you can control whether your slider will stop at the last slide, or if it will go back and show the first slide again if the next slide button is clicked or if autoplay is on.
Captions (image slider only)
You can captions to image sliders by turning the selection ON in the slider properties.

The captions will appear under the image. You can edit the captions in the canvas, and also style these using the Styling panel on the left. Note that changing styling for a single caption will apply the styling to all captions in that image slider.

You can also change the position of the caption using drag and drop, or the layout panel, and apply hover effects on it.
Your slider can show arrows to move to the next or previous slide.

You can turn this option on or off, and also choose to have the arrows displayed only when the reader hovers over the slideshow.
You can change out the default arrow icons by selecting the arrow icons on the canvas or in the index, and then changing the icon within image properties. Also, other styling and sizing options are available from the other tabs, like all other content elements.
Dots are often used to add some animation and navigation to your slider. You can add dots to your slider from within the slider properties panel.

You can change some styling options by selecting the dot element and opening the styling tab in the left panel.
Slide transitions
You can change the transitions for your slider:

Animation: Slide or fade
Transition duration: set the timing
Transition: Ease in / ease out / ease in-out / linear
Your slider can show arrows to move to the next or previous slide.

You can turn this option on or off, and also choose to have the arrows displayed only when the reader hovers over the slideshow.
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