Image Optimization
Optimizing your images will create a better user experience, and it's easier than ever with Readz. Learn how and when to optimize.

This video will go into detail on Image Optimization and how Readz handles it. Image optimization refers to reducing the file size of your images, and still keeping a great resolution and sharpness. Having lean, smaller size images on your page is important because it helps your page download faster. Not only will this create a better experience for your users, who won’t have to wait for images to load, but it will also give you a higher ranking in search engine optimization, because image optimization is always a factor that search engines consider when determining your ranking.   Here’s how image optimization happens in Readz. It happens at two stages. Firstly, when you upload an image. Let’s take an example, a pretty large image from my desktop. I’ll upload it to Readz. After Readz scans it, a box will appear. Here I can see what size the original image is, it’s pretty large at 1225.3 KB, so well over one Megabyte. This is a pretty big image for the internet. Readz asks me, will I want to use this image as a small, medium or large image? And it gives me the corresponding dimensions next to it. Since I want to use this image as my background, I’ll select large. The Readz platform will only take a second to do this. I’ve selected large, but the image is sitting on my page right now at a smaller size. I’ll double click it to get some details. Here we see that the size has now gone down to 614.4 Kilobytes, so better than before but still not perfect. And Readz is telling me that with a little warning sign that my image is bigger than it needs to be. The second time Readz will optimize it, is when we publish. By having this box checked to optimized, I’m letting Readz know it can optimize this image further when I publish. It’ll look at the size that your using your images at, and match the resolution to that, ensuring the smallest image with sharpest quality possible. This will allow you to get the full benefits of Readz optimization. However If I want to do it manually right now, I can do so by clicking on the warning sign, and it will open this dialogue box back up. Because I’ve decided to only use the image at a smaller size, I can change that here. Now we can see that it’s only 56 KB, which is a very reasonable size for the web. If however, you would not like an image to be optimized, this might be if you want a high resolution download to be possible, you can turn image optimization off here, and Readz will not optimize the image any further. So that’s it: no hassle, worry free image optimization, with Readz.
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