A convenient way to manage your media for your Readz projects
How to access the project media library.
From the panel on the top, click on Media Library.
How to navigate the project media library.
There are two views in the project media library. Used Media - Media (images, videos, slideshows, or slideshare) files that are currently being used on a page within your project. Unused Media - Media files that are not currently being used on any page. Whenever you want to add new media to your page, the media object will always need to pass through the unused media bin. The process is to add a media object to the unused bin, select it and hit apply to add it to your page.
How to add a new media element to your page.
From the Add Elements in the Page Menu, select the media category. From the media category, drag-and-drop, or double-click, the media type you wish to create onto your page.
Image elements support PNG, JPG and GIF files. An image will prompt you to select the image file from your computer. It is recommended that you have your images optimized for the web prior to uploading to Readz. Click here to see best practices for image optimization. Select your image file and press open. The image will then appear in the unused media tab. While that image thumbnail is highlighted, pressing apply will set it on the media element on your page. When you select an image element, the page menu will show the image editing options. In this menu, you can change the image scaling and positioning settings, add a border, make the corners rounded, or add shadowing. These options can apply to all media elements in Readz (videos, slideshows, etc.)
The slideshow element is a way to make a carousel of images. A slideshow will prompt the project media library to appear if you have any images in the unused media tab. You can add more images by dragging and dropping them into the unused media palette, or by going to the ADD drop-down and choosing the upload image option. Once the images are in the unused media tab, from the ADD drop-down, select “add a slideshow”. Just below the ADD drop-down, and area will appear where you should drag-and-drop those unused images to. Drag-and-drop the re-arrange the order as you need. On the right-side of the media library is a preview where you can adjust settings for your slideshow. Press APPLY when you’re ready to add it to the page. You can choose to turn arrows on or off for the slideshow. You can also choose to make the slideshow play automatically or manually. For auto play you can define the start-delay and interval between slides.

Slideshow captions

A slideshow can have text captions per each slide. To configure the text that appears in each slide, you'll need to set a description on the image. In the media library, select the image. On the right side, where you see a preview of the image, there'll be an input field called Description. Set what the caption should show by filling out this description.

Style the caption like you would any text element. Select it and configure the font styling and element styling.

You can delete captions by removing the text in the description of each of the images.
A video will prompt you to give a YouTube or Vimeo URL or ID. Once you paste in the YouTube or Vimeo URL or ID, it’ll be added to the unused media bin. Make sure it’s selected and press apply to add it to your page.
A SlideShare element integrates the projects done on slideshare.net for use on a Readz page.
How to change an existing media element.

Double-click on the media element. You’ll be prompted to select media from the unused media bin. If none exist there, you can either upload your image(s) or hit cancel (if you’re looking to add a video, slideshow, etc.). From the unused media tab, you can add different types of media from the ADD drop-down, or drag-and-drop image files from your computer into the project media library palette. Once the media is in the unused media bin, select it by clicking on it, and hit apply to change.
How to remove unwanted media from the unused media bin.
Control left mouse click (command left mouse click for MAC users) will let you select multiple objects. Control+A (command+A for MAC users) will select all the objects. Then press the DELETE button to remove them from the project. For users who have copied from previous projects, you may find yourself with a lot of unnecessary image in the unused media bin. You can use the above method to remove any unnecessary media objects. This will not delete them from the other projects. The project media library is unique to each project. If you have a lot of unused media objects in your library, it does not impact performance when you share the published URL, however it is a best-practice to keep your library clean. It is a best practice to name your files something that is recognizable to you and anyone else on your team who might be working on the project.
Double click on any media element on your page will open the project media library and it will show you the unused media tab. If you don’t have any media in the unused tab, you instead be prompted to upload an image from your computer. Then the image you uploaded will be in the unused media tab.
Project Media Library
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