Getting Readz content on your website is an extremely straightforward process.
Here's how to do it:

  1. Log into the Readz design studio
  2. Publish the project you'd like to embed into your website
  3. If applicable, modify the “Width” or “Height” of your project
  4. Copy / Paste the embed code into the HTML editor of your hosted page of your CMS.
  5. Preview your project before publishing

Projects are embedded at the full Page Canvas Height. This option scrolls naturally with your parent page without additional scrollbars. This option is only possible if every page in your experience has the same height.

Using the embed feature you can reserve space in case the hosted page has a fixed header menu.
Every project has its own unique embed code. Every website is different, so your needs may vary. Fortunately, our embed code is completely open-source. Feel free to change the parameters or create a custom iFrame with your unique embed code.

Example of the embed code to add to your site:
Embedding Readz into your Website