Please follow these instructions in order to set up a branded or custom URL for your publication. Failure to adhere to the order of steps below could result in delays. 1) To set up a custom domain for a publication, you should first register your domain. (in case you already purchased a domain, please ignore #1) 2) Please note that you must establish a subdomain. A subdomain is the part before the period (see below examples).
Custom domain = Subdomain = www OR Lookbooks OR magazines

i.e. or
3) Add a CNAME record that associates your subdomain with your Readz publication.
Log in to your domain registrar and find the section that allows you to edit and/ or create CNAME Records. This is often done from a settings panel with a name such as "Edit DNS" or "Zone File Control."

For instance, if your custom URL is decided to be, then the CNAME record would be: CNAME TTL=86400 (seconds, which = 1 day)

Do not add http or https to the CNAME entry.

4) In the Readz' Preferences page, add your URL to the "Custom URL" input. See screenshot below.

Please give it up to 12 hours for the custom domain to become active and populate across the CDN.
Custom URL
With Readz, you can set up any custom URL to share with your audience. See below for how to publish your projects under a custom URL.
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