In order to configure your DNS records, you first need to know the ID # of your Readz content.

- Log in to Readz and go to the dashboard. If you have multiple subdomains on Readz, make sure you are viewing the correct URL
- To support users browsing to your root domain, you should set up a 301-redirect to -- quite literally -- redirect users searching for your to the subdomain. For instance, if the subdomain is, then you would set up 301 redirect from to

- You should setup your root domain A record to point at your URL forwarding service. Never point an A record at any IP address associated with Readz, as all of our IP addresses are served dynamically by our content delivery network, so that all users are served data from the nearest location based on different IP addresses. Readz does not have a service capability for fixed IP addresses.

How to set up a custom URL

With Readz, you can set up any custom URL to share with your audience. See below for how to configure your domain and DNS records to publish your projects under a custom URL.

Setting up a custom URL will allow all traffic coming to the specified domain to the content hosted on Readz. For search engines and all SEO purposes, all traffic on a custom URL is part of the domain traffic. Unless you set up a custom URL, your content will also not be indexed by search engines.

Please follow these instructions in order to set up a branded or custom URL for your publication. Failure to adhere to the order of steps below could result in delays.

Retrieve the values to enter in your DNS records

- Go to your domain registrar and open the DNS settings for the custom domain
- Add a CNAME record, and enter the subdomain where you would like the Readz content to be published on.

A subdomain can be a general one, like www. Often, this is reserved already, so common subdomains are,, or But the choice is really yours.

- In the CNAME record, enter these values:

CNAME 'NAME': the subdomain you selected. e.g. 'www', 'magazines', 'news' or any subdomain you like. Only enter the subdomain, not the complete domain name.

CNAME 'VALUE': z{product_id}
The product_id is shown in the browser's url when the Readz dashboard is displayed. The url's structure is as follows:<account_id>/products/<product_id>/projects

For example:

- Make sure to add the letter 'z' in front of the ID#
- Make sure to add a '.' (dot) at the end
- The brackets are not part of the CNAME value

- Lastly, check that this value is set for TTL

TL=86400 (seconds, which = 1 day)
- Go to your Readz dashboard
- Select your domain preferences in the left-side panel
- Retrieve the ID number which is located between ...products/ and /projects.

Enter the value in your DNS records

Update the domain name in your Readz console

- Add your URL to the "Custom URL" input. See screenshot below.

Please allow up to 12 hours for the custom domain to become active and populate across the CDN.

Optional: forwarding your root domain

Optional: set up Facebook sharing

Important last step: Contact us

And lastly, please contact us so we can approve the domain. Please send a quick notification to mentioning the URL, optionally the product ID, and your link will be set to go live in no time!