Previewing your project on the tablet, phone, and desktop device is a standard part of the building process. The preview URL is different from the published URL in that it updates instantly following a save so you can see how your changes appear on device. However, unlike a published URL, the preview URL cannot support lots of traffic.
To obtain your preview URL, from within the page builder, click on the PREVIEW from the page menu at the right of the editor. You get a popup to appear with some options.
At the top of the popup dialog, you’ll see your preview URL. You can go to this URL from any device, and the appropriate layout for that device will be loaded. For the tablet and phone devices, Readz also provided a QR code. Any app that read QR codes can be used to quickly open this link from those devices. Otherwise, email yourself that preview URL with the EMAIL PREVIEW URL button. Finally, you can share this preview with clients or coworkers without requiring a login. By default, there’s a password protection on these preview URLs.