The most important thing to know about style templates is that if multiple elements share a style template, any change to the style properties in one of those elements will affect all the other elements sharing that same style template.

Text style and element style share one style template. This means you can have one style template both set a textbox to show text in red and give the textbox some padding and border.

In this example, you see 3 textbox elements. All three share the same style template, which in this example is a style template called "Body Text". When one is selected, and the style changed (ie., the font family or text color), all 3 update simultaneously. This is the behavior of style templates in Readz.
Style Templates
Styles are used to define how certain types of text should be colored, sized, which font they should appear as, and what their background color should be. That’s a lot of clicks to make each time you add an element. By creating a style first, users save time by only having to do this once.
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