Welcome to Readz! Are you ready to start creating? This page will help you get started with making your first project. As you begin building, you can keep this guide handy! Throughout this guide, you'll find more in-depth explanations of the Readz editor to help you out along the way.
Getting started.
When you sign up with Readz, you start with a premade template that you can use to get a feel for the platform. The templates come with images and text that you can replace with your own content. Watch this video to see how or you can keep reading below
Add your own text
To replace the placeholder text in your template, simply double click it and type or paste in your own text. To change the styling of the text, select the textbox and open the font style menu. There you can change the font, size, color etc.
Add a new element
To add a new element, such a textbox, image, video, etc. you can by clicking the plus sign in the page menu. Then, select the element category, such as “text.” Then, drag and drop the desired element anywhere onto your page.
Add your own image
To replace the template images with your own, simply double click on the image you want to replace. This will cause a window to pop up with the image settings. Click the remove button. This will leave you with a placeholder image element. Double click it to upload your own image. If you would like to upload a new image element, just click the plus sign and select “media” and then “image.”
Edit your image
When you replace an image with your own, it might look cut off if your image is not the same shape or proportion as the image element. You can make adjustments by resizing the image. To do this, just drag the bottom corner of the image element to make it larger or smaller. If you want to keep the original size, you can edit the image positioning settings to make it fit better. To do this, select the image and open the element style menu, indicated by the paint roller in the menu. Under “image” you can choose from a list of scaling options in the dropdown menu. You can also change the positioning by selecting one of the boxes.
Don’t want to use the template?
When you sign up with Readz, you start with a premade template that you can use, but if you’d prefer to start from scratch, just delete the page. You can delete the template page by clicking the page in the Page List Menu and select ‘delete from the list of options.
Save your project
The save button is located at the upper right edge of the editor. When you go to save your project for the first time, you will be prompted to finish creating your account by choosing a password and naming your project.
Publish your project
The publish button is located behind the Save button at the upper right edge of the screen. Once you've saved your progress, the Publish button will appear in place of the Save button. When you publish for the first time, you will be prompted to choose the url for your site. When you publish, the site goes live on that url and you can start sharing it with others. As a best practice, we recommend you start building on the Desktop Version of the page first. You can see what version your are viewing by checking the top-right of the editor.
Preview your project
You can access the preview links by clicking the Preview Link or Preview Page buttons in the right edge pop-out panel. You can click the "Eye" to preview your desktop project in the current tab, or click Preview Link to view your project in another tab. To see how it looks on the other devices, you will need to open the same link on your smartphone and tablet devices. To make it easy for you, you can email yourself the link or access it with the QR code.
Editing phone and tablet
To edit the phone and tablet versions of your site, select a device from the panel at the top right of the editor.
Design Studio element
When you switch to phone or tablet, you’ll notice that the edits you made to the desktop version will be reflected on the phone and tablet devices. Typically you will need to play with the positioning and sizing of the elements to make them look great on each device. You can position and resize those elements on the other devices without affecting what your desktop currently looks like. Try it out and use the preview link again to see what your page looks like on a smartphone or tablet.

Want to learn more about the fundamentals of Readz? Click the button below.
Grouping Elements
To make things easier to organize, move or duplicate, you can use boxes as containers for other elements. Under the "Containers" category, double-click or drag to add a Box to the page. Then simply drag another element into the box. Anything can be contained within a box; text, images, actions, forms, even other boxes. Once contained, moving or duplicating the box will move or duplicate all elements within the box. This is a great way to organize your page into blocks of content as well as ensure consistent styling and function throughout.

Read more about grouping elements to see what else you can do with boxes.
Add text
To add new text, or replace existing text, double-click on a textbox element. This'll put you in a text-edit mode. While in this mode, you can type or paste in text. Also while in text-edit more, you can style parts of your text, for example if you want to make a word or two bold. More here on best practices for styling text in Readz.
Getting Started
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