How to Upload Your PDF

  1. Go to the Projects page. 
  2. Go to the dashboard on the left side of the page.
  3. Click Add Project. The Let's get publishing page displays.

1. Opening the upload page

This article shows you how to upload a PDF file to your Readz projects page.

2. Uploading a PDF

There are two ways to upload a file. With the Upload your PDF page open:
  • drag a file from your computer to the blue DRAG & DROP area
  • click the browse button, select the file on your computer, and then click Open

3. Viewing your PDF online

After uploading, the Success! page displays. This page gives you two options to see your file. 
  • Click VIEW FLIPBOOK. Your PDF file displays in a new tab.
  • Click GO TO THE DASHBOARD. The Projects page displays. Your file is listed under PUBLISHED FLIPBOOKS.
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