1.  Opening the design studio

A new project is a document created on the Readz platform with the Design Studio. In this article, you learn how to:
  • Open the Design Studio
  • Select a canvas 
On the Readz dashboard, go to the left side menu and click Add Project. The canvas page displays.
With the canvas page open: Select a blank page or template. The document opens in the Design Studio.
About the options

Every option comes with the same suite of design and web creation tools. The only difference is the starting point. A blank page gives you the freedom to create from scratch. A template gives you an elegant, time-saving launch pad. Insert your content, add a few design tweaks if you want, and you’re ready to launch a project.

Adding content and changing content

You can create new pages by clicking on the Page panel and selecting the 'Add Page' button. You can also duplicate existing pages by selecting the Page options menu and selecting the 'Copy' option. This will create a complete duplicate of the page.

Adding Content
You can easily add content by selecting one of the elements from the "+" menu in the left panel.
Here is a quick overview of the available elements.

You can add 'blocks' to your layouts for faster results. To learn more about how to use blocks, please refer to this article.

You can also copy/paste, duplicate or delete existing blocks (pre-made layouts) on your page or between pages. Simply select the desired content group and copy/paste using the right-click menu or your keyboard.

Here is more information on copy/paste., please read this article: https://www.readz.com/effortless-copy-paste.

Changing Content
To change any content element, just select it by clicking (or double-clicking if it is in a group).

When you change a content element that has a style applied to it, the changes you are making to the element's styling will be applied to the style of the element as well. This means that all elements that have that same style applied to it, will be changed accordingly.
For more information on how styles work, please read this article.

Creating a new project