Time is valuable, and when it comes to web design, this is definitely true. In today’s fast-paced world, marketers must create and update their content quickly and easily. That is why we designed our platform in a way that allows you to design your site in as little time as possible.

It's typical that within a Readz project, there will be common elements that appear on most, if not all, pages. Common examples include headers, footers, and social sharing icons. We'd like to share some ways you can recycle these elements to be used on multiple pages so you don't have to build them out for each individual page. Besides saving you time, this also helps maintain consistencies across your pages. Elements will be in perfect alignment as your readers swipe through your publication. By recycling, we really mean copying existing elements to be used elsewhere. There are many ways to do this.
Recycle Elements If you have an element that you want to have repeated many times throughout your site, all you have to do is create it once, and then you can copy and paste it using your keyboard shortcuts to use it again on your page or throughout many pages. This way, you do not have to rebuild the same element over and over again. If you need to change it slightly, you can easily change the text, styling, etc. This is perfect for buttons, logos, and social sharing icons, among others.

First way to copy is to select the element(s) and simply hit CONTROL+C (COMMAND+C for Mac) and paste wherever using CONTROL+V (COMMAND+V for Mac).
Recycle Pages Another way to copy is to copy an entire page. Note that before you copy a page, the page’s layout should be built out for all 3 device variants. Then when you copy the page, it will be automatically copied to all 3 devices. To copy or duplicate a page, navigate to the page list on the left side of the editor, and click the menu icon. From the list, select 'duplicate.' A copy of the page will be made directly below the page you had selected, and it will be formatted for all devices.
Recycling Layouts
Tips for saving time and maintaining consistency across pages
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