On the right side of the screen, you will see the page list. This list shows the pages of your site in the order in which they will appear. The first page in the list is the start or homepage of your site. You can change the order of your pages by dragging the thumbnails up or down to the desired spot. 
Each page has a menu indicated by the icon with the three lines (we like to call it the hamburger icon). The menu has several options including:
design studio page list
Duplicate - copies the page Rename - allows you to change the name of the page. Alternatively, you can double-click on the page name below the page’s thumbnail in that same page list. Copy To… - copies the page to another publication so that you can reuse the layout. Assign to Section - allows you to send the page to an existing section or a new section. Delete - removes the page from your site on all devices. Hide in TOC - Will not display this page in the Readz TOC menu (the expandable article menu in the top-left of your publication.) This is a toggle option to either hide or show your page in the Readz TOC menu.
Hide page on publish - prevents a page from being included when you publish. This is useful for pages that are still in their draft page and not ready to go live. A check in this box will allow this page to show when you publish. Unchecked, this page will not be included when you publish. All pages are checked to go live by default.
Page Menu