The box element is a versatile element. In this how-to, we'll focus on using box elements as containers to achieve a variety of effects. In a previous how-to, we explained how box elements can be used to create the overlay effect. The box element was used to create a background layer. Inside of the box element is our content elements (textbox elements, image elements, etc.).
Adding elements into a box element requires that you drag and drop the element inside of the area of the box element. Below, see how the image and textbox elements are dragged inside the area of the box element (you may have to disable your ad blocker to view the video). When dragging elements into the area of the box element, notice that the border of the box becomes bolder. This signifies that your box element is ready to contain the element once you release the mouse button.
Grouping Elements
Use box elements as containers when grouping elements
web element- close
web element- close
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