Distributing Your Content Evenly

Within the Layout panel on the left side of the canvas, you will find a set of tools that will help you quickly create your desired layouts.
Distributing Multiple Elements Evenly
You can space out multiple objects evenly amongst each other on the canvas, or in their parent/group easily using the 'Distribute' tools which you will find in the Layout panel on the left side.
Here is how you do this:

- Select multiple elements. You do this by clicking the elements while holding down the Command (⌘) key. Once selected, click the 'Distribute' icon in the Layout panel.

- The elements will be distributed evenly in their parent box or group. Alternatively, if the elements are not contained, they will be distributed evenly on the canvas.

You have two options to distribute the elements evenly: horizontal and vertical.
Horizontal Distribution
Vertical Distribution