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Project Checklist

Assets needed to create your Readz project

  • Story tracker or storyboard: a spreadsheet with an overview of the pages. For each page, mention title, sections, content assets, internal/external links, ads or call to actions.
  • Any existing wireframe, mood boards or sketches conveying the layout or navigation structure on desktop and mobile.


  • Styling / brand guide, if available
  • List with applicable Google, Adobe or custom fonts
  • Custom brand colors
  • Wireframes, sketches or screenshots of inspiring layouts
  • List of all websites or templates that you like or see as an inspiration for this project

Editorial Content

  • Packaged InDesign Files (if applicable) including all links, high res images, logo, icons
  • MS Word, Pages, MS PowerPoint or Google Docs files in case no print assets are available

Graphic Content

Images can be uploaded in JPG, PNG, GIF or SVG format
  • JPG: Use this format for most images and background images. As JPGs have small file sizes, pages will load faster when using these
  • PNG: Use this format for images with transparency
  • GIF: Use for animated graphics. GIFs should not be over 10 seconds for maximum optimization purposes). Use animated GIFs sparingly as they can be incredibly large and may cause long load times or slower performance. We recommend optimizing GIFs before importing into the studio
  • SVG: Use for logos, icons and vector files that you want to scale without pixelation. Make sure to vectorize any fonts when exporting (In Illustrator: text > outline)
Image size: If images are too large, they will affect your page's loading time and performance. If they are too small, they will appear pixelated. For images that fill the screen width (such as banners and background images), we recommend a size of between 1500 and 2500 pixels wide. Images that fill half of the screen horizontally should be around 1000 pixels wide, images that fill a quarter of the screen should be around 500 pixels wide, and so on. If you are using Photoshop to prepare your images, you can use the Save for Web option. You can also use tools such as TinyPNG to optimize your images so that the file sizes are as small as possible without compromising quality.

Video Links

  • We support background videos, embedded videos, videos in pop ups or lightboxes
  • Videos must be sourced from Vimeo or Youtube, so you need to upload your video to Vimeo or Youtube and get the video URL. The videos have to be set to public mode.

PDF Version

If applicable, a PDF file to link to from a "Download Print Version" button.
  • You can upload a PDF file to Readz as a flipbook and link to this flipbook's URL
  • If the PDF is hosted externally, you can link to that external URL

Favicon and Home Icon

  • The favicon is the icon that loads in the browser address bar or tab
  • The home icon is the icon displayed when adding a publication to the home screen on mobile devices
  • Both are uploaded in PNG format to the domain settings


  • Custom URL
  • TLS Certificate included in your plan

SEO and Social Sharing

● Thumbnail images for each page ● A meta description for each page: 150 characters or less including spaces and special characters. Use keywords from that page to increase page ranking through organic searches
● A permalink for each page: the permalink is the page's unique URL. By default, it will be created from the page name (subdomain.yourdomain.com/page-name)


Readz Analytics will be available for you to check your user engagement data. Optionally, you can add Google Analytics Tracking ID or GTM:
  • Set up an account with Google Analytics where they will provide you with an ID#.
  • We will input that ID# onto your publication and as soon as we do, GA will start tracking your Readz publication.
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