First off, lets set up a page so you can see what minimum height does: 1. In a publication, create a new project 
2. Once in that new project, add a box element to the default page
3. Then add a text box element and place it inside the box element 
4. Add text to the text box element (there might be space at the bottom of the text box depending on how much text you put into the text box). It should look like this:
Minimum Height
When working with elements in the editor, you might notice that they can sometimes appear larger than expected. This is because of a setting that works behind the scenes called minimum height. It helps maintain the distance from the edge of an element to the text, other elements, pictures, etc. This article is to help make more sense of what is going on behind the scenes and help make the editor easier to use.
web element- close
web element- close
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