Bulleted Lists

Here's a quick guide to creating bulleted lists.

This video will cover Bulleted Lists: how to create them and how to format them. Here’s a text box containing three items. Let’s say we’d like to make a bulleted list out of these items. To do this, I’ll select the text within the box and go to my Text Styles. In text styles I can select numbered list, or numbered list. Also called here unordered or ordered lists. Since I would like bullets, I’ll chose unordered. Then I can change the style of the bullets by changing the element text style. For example here, I can make a custom style and make them red. The bullets will inherit the style of their text box. I can still change items within, in the “Sub-element text style” for example if I want to make one of these items black it won’t affect the bullets. There we go, bulleted lists are as simple as that.