Marketo Content Marketing Made Easy
Marketo is one of the top-rated marketing automation platforms, and it offers you top-notch solutions for lead management, account-based marketing, and pretty much everything that is related to tracking, scoring your leads, and sending them the right email follow-ups.
Marketo even offers you the possibility to scan through all of your existing content on your site like videos, white papers, case studies etc and suggest the most relevant content to your customers.
So, with Marketo, you will have a powerful engine that allows you to engage with prospects and existing customers, using your content. All you need now is content - but you already knew that!
If you want to create great-looking, responsive microsites, landing pages, white papers, or pretty much any type of content marketing asset, then Readz is an ideal content creation platform to use next to Marketo.

Marketo Integration with Readz Content Creation
Readz offers an integration with Marketo so that you can get the most out of both platforms. This integration makes it easy for you to track and analyze content assets created with Readz alongside your other marketing efforts. With Marketo, you can view detailed analytics about traffic and visitors and you can see how many leads your content on Readz generates.
Here’s what you can do with the new integration:

Lead tracking of your content with Marketo
In the preferences section of your Readz dashboard, you can add your Marketo Munchkin ID to enable lead tracking on your publication. This allows you to track all viewers of your site, as well as the amount of page visits and clicks that your microsite receives.
Marketo follows each of your visitors and logs each page they visit, each click they make, and let’s you know if a visitor has viewed your publication multiple times. You can view this data in Marketo to have a better understanding of who your most active viewers are so you can determine how to follow up with them and rank them as leads.
How to do content marketing with Marketo’s marketing automation platform. See how to map leads from your Readz content into Marketo.
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