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What happens when you publish on Readz?
When you publish on Readz, the data is hosted on Amazon AWS virtual servers and distributed on Akamai CDN. Publications may contain a massive collection of images and text! To accurately handle all this data, load balancers utilize a round-robin method of processing to the servers. This method of evenly distributing the flow makes storing data on our servers much faster. To ensure fast speed and stability, Readz has extra servers on standby for when traffic increases, so more servers can come online to handle the volume. Images also get some special treatment when a Readz user hits ‘publish.’ The goal is to have the content as light as possible so everyone can access it instantly. To help with this, Readz optimizes images for the web. Image size is examined, and if it is appropriate, it will be reduced. Quality isn’t lost in this optimization. When you republish, changes are applied in only a few minutes. Readers' devices are constantly hitting the CDN to see if new data is available. After you republish, a reader’s device will get the signal that new content is available and will prompt the reader with the option to refresh. There is no downtime when editing and republishing an online publication. Your Readz publications are secure. The main servers are located in high-security buildings, and backups are distributed equally to secure servers around the globe. Information security policies align with ISO 27001 security standards and protection techniques to prevent being brought down by DDoS attacks, power-failures, etc.
Server data is encrypted to prevent your Readz content from being stolen. This whole process, combined with a simple click of “publish” gives you an agile, secure, digital publishing process.
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