Publication Security By default, your publication is set to "public." This means that anyone can view your URL. If you'd like to put access to your URL behind a password, you can use the "private" setting. When you activate "Private: subscription is required" from Preferences, a new list of menus will appear. These menus let you customize your security settings. Access to your publication is granted in two ways. One, through a subscription domain (e.g.,,, in which only those users with that email domain can register to view your URL. The other way is to manually add an email to your publication's subscription list. You can upload a .csv file if you have a spreadsheet of approved emails. "Maximum numbers of devices" limits the number of simultaneous views of your URL per email. You can also customize so that messages appear when people are registering to view your URL and need help. You can send emails to your subscribers through Readz. The "sender's email address" is where you select which email to use when sending emails through Readz.
Mandrill API Our Mandrill integration allows your custom made email templates useable on Readz. When you want to send emails through Readz to your subscribers, but want to further tailor those emails, Mandrill is a great option. From Mandrill's site, copy your key and paste it into the Mandrill API Key field in your Readz publication's Preferences. Once it syncs, you can define which action triggers which email template from Mandrill. Also found in Preferences is a text field you can customize to alert viewers that they are no longer within their subscription start and end dates.
Communication & Subscription
Learn how to to configure your publication security and Mandrill integration
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