Online PDF: How Is The User Experience?
Once digital long-form content is published it is available online, right? Well, sort of. It's true that most consumers can access most long-form digital content online, but this "availabilty" doesn't mean that the content can actually be consumed easily. This same distinction between accessibility and usability was initially ignored by publishers in the early days of the web. For years, many sites didn't pay much attention to things like font size and navigation, which rendered them difficult (and sometimes impossible) to use. It wasn't until fairly recently that usability became a top concern for many web publishers, and that only happened once testing was able to definitively show that ease-of-use directly led to more site engagement and conversions. Today, many marketers publishing long-form pieces online seem to be forgetting this lesson. They also often equate accessibility with usability, and in doing so, release content that can be found but not actually engaged with. Unfortunately, long-form publishers too often only check one thing when it comes to digital distribution: Is it accessible? To truly satisfy consumers, it's necessary to go a bit deeper. In particular, when publishing long-form content online, make sure to ask yourself these two additional questions before you consider anything "available":
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