Are you selling pieces of fabric or a way of life? That 'intangible feeling tied to a product', as our colleague-marketer Fraser Larock puts it. You want to create that emotional connection with your audience, you want to show them how fitting your latest collection would be for them, how it would enrich their life, how it would make them happy and proud, and maybe even what inspired and drove your designers when creating your collection. If you fail to create a connection with your customers, it is very unlikely that your online store is going to produce anything better than the average 3% conversion rate. And for many brands in fashion and apparel, 3% sounds actually pretty good according to Fashionmetric. But you know this already. And you also know that lookbooks can be a great way to go beyond the boring static pages displaying endless lists of products. Making a lookbook might not be too difficult. Making a GREAT lookbook that actually gets you customers, that might be a tad more challenging. So that is the subject of this article. We will further explore the lookbook concept, how brands can benefit, and other best practices. Plus, we will share a sizable collection of lookbook examples later on, a handy resource, and a proven recipe for success.
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How To Create a Powerful Lookbook And Get More Customers

"Products are only 25% of what you market."
By Stephanie Kim & Bart De Pelsmaeker
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