White Paper Marketing: How To Create Quality Leads Online Consistently.
The Hybrid Model - Why It Works
Step 1: Keyword Research & Writing
Step 2: Lead Generation & Content Upgrades
Step 3: Building & Publishing
Step 4: Lead Generation: Ask For The Sale
Step 5: Distribution & Promotion
Step 6: Examine Analytics & Optimize
Hi, I'm Bart

When I first started marketing white papers and guides, my approach was--hmm, let’s be friendly here and avoid the word catastrophe. My approach was sub-optimal. Even though my content was high quality, I did not get a consistent stream of leads, and I felt like I had to continuously drive paid traffic (and put time and effort into it) to get a decent amount of leads out of my white papers and guides. I started to wonder. Wouldn’t there be a way to get both more traffic and more leads? In this article, I will give you the detailed, specific, and rational answer based on over three years worth of experimentation with gated and ungated content, and which strategy, based upon these experiments, is the key to successfully using white papers, guides or any piece of thought leadership content as part of your business’ content-marketing strategy.
What Exactly Are You Trying to Get Out of Your White Paper Content?
What is white paper marketing? Businesses use white paper marketing with the goal of:
  1. Building trust, credibility, and authority in their customer base
  2. Generating new leads from increased interest
  3. Achieving thought-leadership status in their field

Or, to summarize with the eloquent words from the people over at LanderApp:
“‘Prime the pump’ for future sales and build momentum in the sales process”
Essentially, using white paper marketing and thought leadership marketing will increase your current B2B sales/leads while also increasing the potential for future business. This article will primarily cover how to increase leads with your white paper marketing, as reaching the other goals—building trust, authority, and thought leadership—is a direct result of your research and writing ability.
If you want to generate B2B leads that convert into sales through white paper marketing, then you’re in the right place. This guide will give you all you need to know to leverage gated or non-gated content like white papers successfully as a marketing tool, to get maximum results. Everything in this guide applies equally well to any piece of thought-leadership marketing: white papers, in-depth reports, ebooks, etc.
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Do You Want More Leads?
Well, of course you do...who would say no to more leads?
Tactics like white paper marketing can make a huge impact on the amount of traffic you generate and the amount of leads you will receive.

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