How can you make your online magazines must read for your core audience? There’s no real mystery. Just like other pieces of content marketing, creating readership is about figuring out what readers want and giving it to them. As we’ve said before, online magazines are an essential part of your content strategy. We’re not the only ones to think so; the research supports it. Here are some of the key statistics: Research from Pew Internet shows that online newsreading is a key activity for almost two thirds of smart phone and tablet owners.
A study by the Association of Magazine Media showed that 63% of the 1009 adults polled wanted more online content and 55% enjoyed looking into online archives in a magazine.

In the UK, another survey of 2000 consumers showed that 19% read magazines on tablets, with higher percentages in the 18 to 24 age group. Around 6% of consumers subscribed to an online magazine. So it’s clear that web users want to read online publications, and often on mobile devices. Brands (and publishers for that matter) who produce online editions of print publications are already seeing increases in the number of subscribers to online editions. What else do users want from online magazines? They want them to be readable, interactive and shareable.
What Users Want From Your Online Magazines
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