You already know that your content marketing strategy needs to include online magazines. As we mentioned before, they offer many benefits to businesses, marketers and their customers including:
  • And building trust with customers and analytics.
  • Providing information and entertainment for customers.
  • Making a marketing appointment with them.
  • Offering the chance to tell your story your way.
But before you can gain any of these benefits your customers need to be able to find your online magazines. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO optimizes web content so search engines can index it easily and people can find it faster. In the last couple of years Google – the main search engine that most people use and care about – has made a lot of changes to its search algorithms. With the advent of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird old-style SEO tactics have gone out the window. Google’s updates have demoted:
  • Low quality content.
  • Keyword stuffed content.
  • Irrelevant links and links to bad neighborhoods.
That’s bad news if you’re into black hat SEO, but great news for people who are publishing quality content in online magazines. The new search algorithms favor:
  • High-quality, in-depth and long form content.
  • Mobile-friendly content.
  • Content optimized for semantic search and voice search.

All of this has the aim of helping people find relevant, original content that they can use to answer their immediate questions. And it’s why you need to make sure your online magazines are search engine optimized so both Google and your potential readers can easily recognize the relevance of your online magazine content to the information they are searching for. There are several areas to address to make this happen.
Online Magazines & SEO: Important or NOT?
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