Internal magazines are a great way to keep employees engaged, informed, and excited to be a part of your company. Strong internal communication can have far reaching, positive outcomes, like keeping your employees vested in your company’s success, hungry to help it succeed, and ultimately, creating a culture of advocacy from the inside out. Oh, to return to the simplicity of two tin cups connected by a string! But let’s face it, today’s content is online and creating a great digital internal publication has its challenges. It needs to be both interesting and visually appealing to the reader as well as easy-to-make for the creator. Efficiency and ease-of-use are key because, as important as internal magazines are, spending too much time and internal resources on producing them can be counter-productive. There are a handful of digital platforms that exist to help you create beautiful, customized and branded content in a fraction of the time it would take for you to create and distribute from scratch. The features and strengths of each platform vary, so let’s take a closer look at which platform is the best for your internal communications purposes.
Internal Magazines In A Digital World
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