10 Interactive Website Platforms For 6 Business Scenarios
One of the hardest things when conceiving a new (and interactive) website is which platform or technology you should use. I get questions from people daily who are looking for an easy and effective way to design and create interactive websites. Very often, people are somewhat confused by the similar-sounding marketing messages of the different platform vendors, and they are not sure of the budget implications of their choice. So, I’m going to share with you my walkthrough of how you can decide which platform is likely going to be a good fit for your needs or business. I hope you will find it helpful!
Contrary to what you might expect, I am not going to suggest platforms based on exhaustive feature comparisons. Instead, I will use some scenarios that I often encounter, which are based on your overall business situation and, as such, better as a guideline than a specific feature. Of course, it can always be that one of the platforms offers a specific feature that you simply must have. Here is the bad news though: it is likely that you will have to go through several platforms as your business grows over the years. So at some point, you will be looking at migration projects. This may sound more scary than it actually is, because at some point in the life of your business you are bound to want to redesign your site, and that is a migration anyway. Here are different scenarios you can choose from. Feel free to click through to the section that interests you most:
  • The ‘Solopreneur / Very Small Business’ Scenario
  • The ‘Growth / Medium Size Business’ Scenario
  • The ‘Enterprise’ Scenario
  • The eCommerce Scenario
  • The ‘Content Marketing and Creative Agency’ Scenario
  • The ‘Creative Award Winning Showcase’ Scenario
Decision Criteria For Selecting The Best Interactive Website Platform
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