I know, the title is blasphemous, right? Just let us explain what the benefits of Readz Analytics are and how they can change your way of thinking. Readz Analytics has been created specifically to record traffic data on Readz projects. This means that every facet of the Readz Analytics code has been tailored to best record user behavior on your Readz projects. The best part? There’s nothing to set up! It’s ready to start recording traffic as soon as you publish your project on Readz. Here’s how it works: Readz’s traffic analytics records when there are visits to your Readz project. When someone visits your Readz page, there is an event triggered that immediately sends raw data to the Readz servers. This data is then displayed in the graphs and tables in the analytics tab in Readz. Or in other words,...
How Readz Analytics Bests Google Analytics
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