By Marc Schenker
Google Search Console, previously Google Webmaster Tools, was the product of a rebrand meant to acknowledge the resource’s wider audience. This included not only webmasters, but marketers, designers, SEO experts, programmers, app developers and more. This new name was meant to reflect that, and I’d say it does. Just like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is a collection of tools and resources to help website owners, web marketers, and SEOs monitor website performance in the Google search index. Features include information on search appearance, search traffic, technical status updates, crawl data and additional educational resources. Why else should you use it?
  • To track the progress of content marketing efforts
  • To track your website’s SEO performance
  • To gain info about your site’s mobile usability
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Site crawling, so Google can find and index your site
Let’s expand on these a bit, shall we?
Google Search Console: 5 Reasons Every Marketer Should Use It
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