Is print dead? Who knows? What we do know is that online magazines are gaining in popularity, both in America and Europe.

Doing brand publishing? Online magazines makes more sense than ever. A lot of marketers are using customer magazines as an effective tool to create a deeper relationship between brands and its customers. When I was at the Content Marketing Conference in Ohio last fall, Joe Pulizzi asked the audience who was engaged in custom or brand publishing, and more than half of the audience raised their hand.

Here in the US, the Alliance for Audited Media reported monthly circulation of over 10 million for online magazines since the first half of 2013. Even though this was still just 3% of overall circulation, that’s double what it was the previous year. There’s even more evidence to support this. Pew Research shows that news reading is a popular activity for tablet users. Some 64% of tablet users read news weekly and 37% do this daily. The percentages are similar for smartphone users at 62% weekly and 36% daily. Since even more people will own smartphones and tablets by the end of the holiday season, online magazines likely to become even more popular. That’s why you need to include online magazines as part of your content marketing strategy. Yet many marketers are still sending out their magazines only in print, and when they do bring it on-line, it is often based on a PDF format. Which is basically print. There is of course nothing wrong with print, it is just that print is print and digital is digital. They are two different mediums. Here are some solid reasons why you want to go for online magazines and with that we mean a native digital format!
You Don't Do Online Magazines? Here Is Why You Should
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