Creating a digital customer magazine can be an intimidating process. While the limitless canvas of the digital world can be exciting, the idea of creating layers upon layers of interactivity can make all this creative freedom feel overwhelming.

Whether you are an experienced veteran or a rookie, below are 5 key principles that will help ease your design process and make your digital customer magazines “pop!”
1) Organize Your Content Properly
Think about your content and how you want readers to experience navigating through it. On the web, the act of scrolling comes naturally to readers. As they keep reading an article or looking through images, they can easily continue to scroll down to view more content.

This allows you, the creator, to embrace on the opportunity of adding more content per page, resulting in fewer pages over all.

See the example from's magazine below. It is simple yet effective. The design is not interfering with the reader's intention of easy access to the desired content, they successfully grouped all the relevant content together and created a simple and engaging reading experience. (click on image to view more)
Make Your Digital Customer Magazines POP!
Here are 5 key principles of design to enhance your digital publication
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