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Change is inevitable – and there’s nothing worse than hanging onto an idea that’s been surpassed. All great technology has a moment when it’s poised to take over but there are still people who need to be convinced that it’s great. That’s where we are with mobile technology. And there’s also technology that’s had its day and should move out of the limelight and give way to something better. That’s how we at Readz feel about PDFs. It’s technology built for the desktop that doesn’t always meet the needs of a generation of mobile device users. We’re not denying that PDFs were once great. Before they came along in the early 1990s, there was no easy way to create a document that people could read whether their computer used Windows, Mac Os, Linux or something else. And there was no easy way to take content that only existed in print and make it available to the growing numbers of computer users. But these days there are better publishing methods that are more suited to the type of audience we have now. And those methods bring major benefits to mobile content marketers, especially those concerned about SEO. The fact is that more and more of the reading public will be using mobile devices as an accompaniment to – or even driver of – their daily routines. We’ve previously published research showing the scale of mobile device adoption and use.
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