Learn more about 'conversions', what they are and why you should care in this guide.

We refer to conversion elements as “CTAs,” and they encompass ads, social sharing buttons, subscription sequences, or anything that requires further action by a reader or customer.
What is a "conversion" and why is conversion tracking important?
How can I set up conversion tracking?
A call-to-action is a step that you are inviting your readers or customers to your site or digital publication to take. It can be all kinds of things: ‘subscribe to my newsletter’, ‘ask for a demo’, ‘buy this product’, ‘contact me’ or even simply a link. Whenever someone performs the action, such as clicking the link, or submitting their email, it becomes a conversion. Knowing which call-to-actions convert (or in other words, which ones are being clicked and which ones are not), is vital information for the success of your online presence. In Readz, we have a feature, ‘conversion-tracking’, which allows you to track exactly that: which of your call-to-actions are being clicked. By tracking these clicks, you can see how visitors are interacting with the different elements on your site. You can then use this information to better understand how well each call-to action on your page is performing. To use conversion tracking, you must first define which elements you want tracked. Once set up, your call-to-action elements will show up in the conversion-analytics dashboard. Then, when an action on your page is triggered, it is counted as a conversion, and will be included in your conversion tracking tool.
For example, a user entering their email and clicking ‘Subscribe’ would be a conversion. A consumer clicking ‘Buy’ on an eCommerce website would also be a conversion.

Conversions let you track effectively whether visitors are interacting with your content. To access our conversion tracking tool, your account on Readz must first be at least "Growth" or higher. Please contact sales@readz.com if you would like to talk with us about adding conversions to your Readz account.
When you create a form in Readz, the platform will automatically start tracking the ‘submit’ action of that form as a call-to-action. But forms aren’t the only thing you can track. Any action that you create can be counted as a conversion and then be tracked in the conversion dashboard.
Let’s take an example where we have a call-to-action in the form of a link going to another page in our project. We want to track how many times this ‘Go To Page’ action is clicked. We can do this  in the Actions panel. We’ll check the box for “Track in Analytics.” That’s it. As of now, this call-to-action will be tracked.
Conversion Tracking
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