Organizing Conversions Using 'Goals'
Typically, you will have numerous call-to-actions with numerous purposes spread out over all your pages. To allow you to keep things organized, you can group and name call-to-actions according to their desired outcome or goal.

We call these labels Goals.

What are goals?
Goals are used to organize and group similar actions that you want to track.

For example, all links invite users to go to the next page can be labeled with the same goal, “Next Page.” Another example, is all call-to-actions which invite users to subscribe to our newsletter list could be organized into a single goal called “Subscriptions.”

This way, when we look at our analytics, we’ll be able to easily filter by goal and get detailed data on user actions. For example, we’ll be able to choose the goal “Ads” and view specifically how our ads are doing.  

Common types of actions that you might group using a goal include: subscribe to a newsletter, ask for a demo, buy product, social sharing, and so on. When creating goals for your types of conversion tracking, it is important to consider how detailed you need to be when categorizing your goals.

Take for example various sharing actions. You can create a goal called ‘Shares,’ and all share actions will be tracked together.  

But in another situation, you may want to track which shares are going to Facebook and which to Twitter. In this case, you’ll want to create a goal solely for Facebook shares and another goal for Twitter shares.

Creating goals will help your marketing team easily measure how various call-to-actions are doing on your pages.
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