Restricted Access - Set Up
An overview on how to set up 'restricted access' on Readz.
Set Up
Let’s see how we can set up our restricted access in Readz. First you will have to decide for which content you will want to restrict access too. Access is defined on a subdomain level. Let’s look at an example. For your public, external-oriented content, you may use urls such as, or a subdomain such as To differentiate your private, internal or limited-audience content you will have another subdomain such as private, or internal. Now let’s go into Readz and restrict access to one of our pages. Once logged into readz, you’ll see the dashboard. We can see that currently our url is “” To change the restricted access settings, we’ll go into Preferences. Here we can see a menu with all the preference choices. If we select Access Restriction, we can see here a number of options. The first major decision is to make your content Public or Private. When we select private, more details appear so we refine our settings. We can restrict access to content on two levels: using email addresses, or using domains. If you click Manage Subscribers, a dialogue box will open. Here we would see all email addresses who have access. Currently we don’t have anyone here, so let’s see how to add emails to this list. You can add emails manually, or if you save your lists as a CSV, or comma separated values document, you can upload it directly to Readz. After uploading, I can edit the fields to make sure the data transfers properly. Now we can see those email addresses were all imported nicely. Then we can edit this list further, selecting users, sending invitations, or selecting and individual. I can select and edit and individual by clicking the pen here. Now I could add an end date to their subscription, or remove their access by clicking the active checkmark. That’s all for now, watch our next videos for details on restricting access by domain, email settings, and frequently asked questions on this subject.
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