Is Your Online Magazine Easy To Find And Access? For Real?
Are you paying attention to the three “Ds” with your online magazine? If you’re like most marketers you are probably focused on first two: Development and Discoverability.

This, of course, makes sense. Without development—actually creating the magazine—there is no product. Similarly, without discoverability—i.e., building awareness for it—there is no audience. Each of these undertakings is important and difficult (especially discoverability, which we covered in this earlier post). However, they take up so much bandwidth that marketers often fail to grapple with the third key element of success: Delivery. In the heyday of physical magazines, the importance of delivery was rarely overlooked. After all, it was clearly challenging (and expensive) to quickly get the latest print magazine or catalog to newsstands or post it via mail, so there was plenty of attention paid to infrastructure and efficiency. These days, however, digital platforms have made the issue seem less important. After all, if a magazine is now just pixels on a screen, isn’t it easy to deliver? That, unfortunately, is not the case. In fact, in many ways, digital delivery of online magazines has somehow become almost as challenging as physical delivery. In particular, getting people to consume your online magazine when it is delivered via Apple’s Newsstand (or offerings from competitors like Google) is deeply difficult, especially when it comes to mobile users. This is true for all marketers, both large and small. Let’s take, for example, the difficulties luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer has with digitally delivering it’s WATCH Journal offering. Difficulty #1: Downloads Perhaps the single most frustrating thing about the currently delivery process via Newsstand is that online magazines must be downloaded (“Installed”) to the device. On a fast connection this hopefully isn’t a big deal (unless the magazine comes in at 400Mb), but on a slow one it can be a major barrier to reading. Of course, this problem isn’t confined to the Newsstand. Even online magazines that bypass the store and deliver directly via PDFs still force users to experience longish downloads.
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