A new and improved text editor
We gave our text editor a complete overhaul to make changing fonts, sizes, and stylings smoother than ever before. You can now find the "lists" section in the font style menu, which makes it super easy to add bulleted and numbered lists to your projects.

This section also now contains a button to add special characters to your pages.
This powerful new feature allows you to make easy edits to elements that occur on every page, such as headers and footers. Need to update a link in your header? No problem. Change it on one page and the other pages will automatically reflect the change. Easy peasy. 

You can also pick and choose which pages will have the element by checking off the pages you want in the drop down list. See this page for more detailed instructions on how to use it.
Multipage Element: edit elements occurring on every page in a flash
Our Smart guides feature allows you to create perfectly-aligned layouts. When you move an element, purple and green lines appear to show you where to place your elements to line them up with others on the page. 

We made improvements to these guides and now they appear when you resize an element. This helps you make a new element the same size as other elements you've already created. For more details on how Smart Guides work, see this page.
Smart Guides: get perfectly-aligned pages without the hassle
We continuously add exciting new features to the Readz platform so you can make the greatest projects possible. We’ll be posting the latest updates here so you can start using the newest features right away.
NEW FEATURES: March 4, 2016
Improve site results with tags
You can now easily use Google Tag Manager to deploy tags on your Readz site. Tags collect extensive data from your site and send to tools like Google Analytics, Adroll, and Google Adwords so that you can use to improve the success of your site. Integrating Google Tag Manager with your Readz site is easy, click here to learn how.
Save time creating actions and animations
You can now preview actions and animations in the editor, making it easier to create and edit them. The new play and reload buttons allow you to see how the actions will work while you are creating them. No need to go back and forth between the editor and preview link to create the perfect animation. Click here to learn how.
All elements are now labeled in the index to make it much easier for you to find them. Readz automatically labels them to make it more convenient for you, but you can always rename them if you’d like. Click here to learn how.
Easily find your elements in the Index
Create layouts faster than ever
Our new Layout Toolbar makes it super easy to align and size your elements. With the click of a button, you can align your element to the left side of the page, center, or right side. You can also use it to create perfect spacing between each of your images. You'll save so much time by not having to manually line up your elements on the same point along the X or Y axis. 

Possibly the best part about this new feature is that you can make your element match the dimensions of another in just one click. This is so convenient for when you need to make several elements that need to be the exact same size. Click here to learn how.
NEW FEATURES: March 23, 2016
NEW FEATURE: April 15, 2016
NEW FEATURE: May 6, 2016
Save time and maintain consistency with the multi-page feature
The multi-page feature is a way to make a single element visible across multiple pages. Examples of elements that benefit from the multi-page feature include headers, footers, and side-panels. Basically, anything that you want to be consistent across your pages or website. More about the multi-page feature.
NEW FEATURE: June 17, 2016
HTTPS support for Readz URLs
For more security and protection, Readz has started supported SSL over HTTP. This is especially necessary for anyone interested in doing an eCommerce site with Readz. You be certain your buyers will have the security they need to make purchases through your Readz site.
NEW FEATURE: July 15, 2016
Send to email now an option for forms.
As part of the Store in Database action on Readz forms, you can have new entries also sent to your email. A great way to keep current on who is filling out and submitting on your forms built in Readz. More about forms.
NEW FEATURES: August 26, 2016
Project Media Library
The project media library features allows for users to upload many images at once, and easily change image elements into other types of media elements. Click here to read more about the project media library.
Simplified menu for Actions and Animations
Updates to the actions and animations allow for more streamlined creation interactive and eye-capturing effects on your Readz page. Click here to learn more about these updates.
NEW FEATURES: September 26, 2016
Updated Preferences UI
The preferences UI for Readz publication has been overhauled to make it easier to navigate. Preferences is where one can set a custom URL on their publication and configure certain types of integrations, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Adroll.
NEW FEATURES: October 26, 2016
Updated Editor UI
Save and publish button moved
The editor user interface has changes. Changes you can expect are moving of the save and publish/republish button. It is no longer in the drop-down, rather it'll be a button on the editor page.

Activity Log
With that, a new feature called Activity Log lets you track editor user activity on your project. It will show you who and what time someone saved an edit, published, republished, unpublished. The activity log can be accessed in the project menu drop-down, next to the Save/Publish button.
Color picker introduced
The Readz editor has an updated color picker feature for setting colors. This applies to setting colors on fonts, element backgrounds, page backgrounds, shadows, and border colors. Supported values are #hexcodes and rgb values. The color picker also saves your most recently used colors.

Add elements panel
The category where to find elements has been changed. Example, box elements can now be found under the category called Structure and iframe elements can be found under the category called Advanced. The forms category is now comprised of form modules (ready-to-use forms) and building blocks (individual components of a form, such as a submit button, a checkbox, etc.)

Modules and All Saved is also a new category introduced to Readz. See here for more information about Modules and All Saved.
Modules are a grouping of pre-built elements packaged together to make creating a page much more streamlined. You can use modules created by Readz, or you can create your own modules. Find out more about modules here.
New Features
October 26, 2016
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