So you’ve created a terrific online (digital) magazine with engaging copy, bold imagery, and a beautiful design. You’ve told your current audience about it and have even found ways to be included in app stores like Apple’s Newsstand. Yet, despite your best efforts, the readership numbers are consistently stagnant or worse, decreasing after a first flare. What’s going on? Here is the good news: It may not be your fault. Here is the bad news: The reason it may not be your fault is that there are some serious structural issues with most digital media stores that prevent your magazine from being found. In particular, stores such as Apple’s Newsstand and Google’s Newsstand make it actually almost impossible for readers to serendipitously discover new content. Now, to be fair, getting people to try something new is never easy. One study showed that half of Amazon’s book sales come from people who already know what they want, and it’s safe to assume that digital magazine consumers are just as (if not more) focused as digital book buyers. However, this initial challenge is further complicated by how difficult discovery is within the app stores.

For example, let’s take a look at the “Audi North Scottsdale” digital magazine. This offering is clearly of interest to a very specific audience—Audi car owners, aficionados, and potential buyers in or around a part of Scottsdale, Arizona—but it is not a mainstream publication nor is it likely to be searched for specifically within the store. This means that for an iOS user with an iPhone or iPad to stumble across your magazine the following things all need to happen:
Is Your Magazine App Easy To Find?
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