Why would I want to lock a container? Lock containers will not let their contents be able to be pulled out of them. Locking a container is helpful when you want to prevent other elements from being able to be dropped inside your selected element. Dragging and dropping elements around your page is a common way create your page layout. There are times when you might accidentally drop an element inside another element. This can cause unexpected layout changes. Times like these are a good example of when you might want to lock a container. There are some elements that are locked by default. Text box element, image elements, slideshow elements, and video elements are locked by default.

Why would I want to unlock a container?
Unlocking a container is useful when you need to remove or add elements to the container element. Box elements by default are unlocked containers. Boxes generally are used to contain other elements. More about boxes as containers here.
Lock Container
Use this feature to prevent or allow dragging and dropping of other elements into the locked element
web element- close
web element- close
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