Liquid Layout: A Unique Responsive Web Design Tool
Our liquid layout feature automatically adjusts your web design to fit any size screen or window: from mobile to laptop to desktop monitor and anything in between.
There is a fundamental obstacle in web design:

Web browsers need to know the positioning of elements in order to display a page correctly. But controlling where an element displays on a page is very complicated especially in today’s world of ever growing device and screen sizes. When you code a responsive website, you have to have a clear grasp of non-obvious coding principles like media-queries, and methods like floats, relative, and absolute positioning. Other - traditional - WYSIWYG web creation tools offer you a semi-flexible environment, with limited drag-and-drop capabilities. Typically, you will have to create a stack of boxes, or containers or div’s or whatever name the platform uses. You then fit your content into these stacked boxes, and to make your layout look good, you are required to manually add margins and padding.
web element- close
web element- close
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